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British smelter construction Ltd Dubai Uae

British Smelter Construction Ltd (BSC) is a company that specialises in the design, engineering, and construction of aluminium smelters and related facilities. BSC has been involved in several major projects in Dubai, UAE,

MW Kellog project for the construction of LNG / LPG storage system project for Adnoc Abu Dabi Das Island

The MW Kellog Das Island project Abu Dhabi was part of ADGAS’s strategic plan to increase its production capacity and meet the growing demand for gas in the UAE and international markets1. The project was completed in 2012 and it enhanced the operational efficiency and reliability of ADGAS’s facilities on Das Island1. Das Island is one of the largest LNG terminals in the world, with a total capacity of 7.6 million tons per annum (mtpa) of LNG, 0.8 mtpa of LPG and 0.8 mtpa of pentane.

MW Kellog Iraq underground piping systems for the fertiliser, baiji Iraq

Here is a short write up about Kellog Iraq underground piping systems for the fertiliser baiji Iraq - Kellog Iraq was a joint venture between the US- based engineering company KBR and the Iraqi state- owned company North Fertiliser Company (NFC) to revamp and expand the North Fertiliser Plant in Baiji, Iraq1. The project was awarded in 2012 and completed in 20151. The project involved the installation of a new ammonia unit with a capacity of ,200 metric tons per day (mtpd) using KBR’s proprietary ammonia process technology1.

The project also included the construction of new underground piping systems for the fertiliser plant, which required cutting-edge engineering and construction techniques to overcome the challenging site conditions and security risk.

Halcrow international partnership for the construction of Extension project to Amiri flight project at Abu Dhabi

which is the exclusive facility for the air transport of the government of Abu Dhabi. The PFT was originally established in 1975 as the Royal Flight and later renamed as the Amiri Flight. The PFT operates a fleet of eight VIP aircraft, including Boeing 777s and 787s. The PFT is located at the Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) and has its own runway, hangars, and terminal building.

Parsons international Ltd drainage project to Abu Dhabi municipality

One of the projects that Parsons International Ltd Abu Dhabi is involved in is the development of rainwater drainage networks on Abu Dhabi Island and the mainland. The project is implemented by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City and aims to prevent flooding due to rainwater, divert rainwater drainage lines that are in conflict with residential projects, and improve the efficiency and capacity of existing networks.

The project also includes the construction of rainwater pumping stations and control buildings. The total cost of the project is estimated at $56.26 million (AED 206.66 million).

Halcrow international project for the extension of Sharjah international Airport

which aims to increase its passenger handling capacity to approximately 20 million annually by 2025. The expansion project, which is estimated to cost AED1.5bn ($410m), started in 2018 and is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2022 Halcrow International is the project manager for the expansion, which involves the construction of a new terminal building, a new arrivals building, two passport control areas, a new VIP lounge, and new aircraft hardstands.

The project also includes the renovation of the existing building and the development of the roads leading to the airport.

Cabin design for Kolkata Metro Rail Ltd,India with Sherbrooke

The Kolkata metro railway is one of the oldest and busiest metro systems in India, connecting the eastern and western parts of the city. The metro network is undergoing a major expansion, with several new lines and extensions being constructed. One of the new lines is the Line-3, which will run from Joka to Esplanade, covering a distance of 15.215 km. The line will have both elevated and underground sections, with 12 stations.

Metro station project for Kochi Metro Rail Ltd,India with Sherbrooke

Kochi metro railway station project is an initiative to extend the existing metro rail network in Kochi, a major city in Kerala, India. The project aims to improve the connectivity, mobility, and accessibility of the city’s residents and visitors by providing a fast, safe, and comfortable mode of public transport.

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